Cazul meu medical/My medical case

Below there are my medical problems:
1. the external problem – dermatological
My face’s skin behaves like an permanent  wound, unable to perform its functions, and which affects me physically, socially and economically, giving me chemical reactions at the level of head so that I am permanently tired, which is very sensitive and reactivate (sensitivity to heat, moisture + heat, wind, cold, it dehydrates rapidly, with sensations of dryness, stinging and pain) and which is regenerating hardly.
This state of things made its debut as a result of treatments made for seborrheic acne (that took layers of the skin of my entire face so now there is no deep valley on my face as the entire face was leveled but the entire surface of the skin was affected in its functions) in the period 1989-1996 and who left my face’s skin red, sensitive and reactivate and as a result difficult to control.  Over the years things have worsened and my face’s skin has become what it is today – an open wound. Between the end of December 2012 and February 2013 my face started becoming very red and burned every evening for hours, like my skin was melting. My eyes are drier and drier. Simply routine activities like washing my hair or shaving my beard are now a true pain for me.
Gentlemen’s doctors call what is happening to me seborrheic dermatitis but the symptoms seem to have more in common with transient rosacea ( a skin which manifest as boiled and burned in the same time).
Under these circumstances my life has become a prison in the house, making my life impossible and with no chance to make my living. Now my life consists in, at only 40 years, to eating, sleeping and walking all day between two rooms or in the courtyard of my home (when I can stand).
Please find attached the copies of my medical prescriptions for 2012 and 2013 and my photos.
From my soul, please help me to stop this pain, disfigurement and disutility.
2. the internal problem – neurological

My main medical problems in the present are:
-the impossibility to work at  the computer as my brain and eyes feel like burnt out affecting the capacity of making my living as 95% of Accounting work is on a PC nowadays;
-the quality and the regenerative power of sleep is compromised. My sleep is not refreshing. When things were normal 7-8 hours of sleep were enough now even after 10 hours of sleep I dont feel like having the energy for the day. Also as a result of not sleeping well, during the day I dont have the energy to stand ( I dont have problems with going to bed or nightmares);
-due to the lack of well resting during the night I look more and more like a ghost. The skin of my face is like not regenerating anymore and its surface is like burning especially in hot air.
-I am no longer able to run for 30 minutes. Every time I try I feel terrible pains in my brain and I have to lie in bed for one or two weeks as I dont have balance.
In the worst case scenario I dont have balance, I breathe on my mouth and I have to lie down for days as I cannot stand and I spit a lot of blood.
Everything started in September 2009 as a result of long hours worked at the PC (many times more than 10 hours per day, 6 days per week) and with an A/C on top of my head that was freezing my brain everyday. When I was going home at the end of the day I was feeling like a burnt bulb and all I can do was to throw myself on the bed. I continued to work from September 2009 till December 2009.
Between December 2009 and October 2010  I tried to rest more, to eat as healthy as possible, to jog but the things where not improving. The runs made the pains in the brain more severe and I started to spit blood. So in October 2010 I went to the doctor.
Between October 2010 and present I had the following medical treatments(as can be seen in the attached files):
-at the neurologist for Neurasthenia:
1. Sedocalm (3)/ Bilobil (1)/ Betaserc (3)/ Doxepin 25 (1);
2. Efectin ER 75mg (1)/ Bilobil (1);
3. Fenobarbital (1)/  Medazepan (1)/ Ca (3)/ 9vita (3)/ Vitamin A+D2 (3)/ Vitamin E (3);
4. Trittico (1/2)/ Timonil Retard (1/2)/ Quarelin/ Distonocalm;
5. Omnivit memory (1) / Cebrium (1) – the last and present treatment.
-at the psychiatrist for depression:
1. Esprital 3 mg (1/2), Rivotril 2mg (1/4)/ Valdoxan 25mg (1).
(the values in the brackets are the daily dose).
The treatments start promising but every time I tried to come back to work at my computer I fall into pieces after 10-14 days of work.  The collapse is bigger in the case of working at the PC while on psychiatric treatments than the neurological ones( In the first case not only the brain and eyes are burnt but also appear digestive problems, sensation of having the thyroid blocked, the skin of my face is burnt). To recover at the level where I was before starting the treatment takes 2-3 months after the collapse while under neurological treatment and 5-6 months in the case of psychiatric one. I can not understand what makes the computer so harmful to my brain that medical treatments fail and the gastroenterologist declares that medications cause drug induced hepatitis. After all the hopes, time and money spent I am left with no explanation why treatments fail.
After more than two years and a half of medical treatments I have almost lost my hopes that I will ever be able to work at PC again and to find out what is wrong in my case. The doctors from Constanta, Romania told me that my problem is curable but I dont see the results yet. My situation is worst that at the beginning.
After four years since this my problem started and two and a half years of medical treatments I still do not feel well in the brain and I am still not able to work. Sometimes even small energy consuming activities seem to be a big effort. The blood tests, MRI and AngioMRI I made recently do not reveal anything abnormal, I am still diagnosed with neurasthenic syndrome and I have the medical interdiction to not have contact with electro-magnetic radiation sources( as it can be seen in the attached discharge ticket from the hospital) and left with the only alternative to take liquid algocalmin (sodic metamizol) to stop the pains in the brain.
In March 2013 I was hospitalized at the Military Hospital in Constanta with the purpose to prove that after so many years of private treatments the medical problems still exist and the diagnostics are the same in the public health sector( as it can be seen in the attached discharge ticket from the hospital).
3. the internal problem – digestive
Irritable bowel syndrome accompanied for many years my neurasthenic syndrome but the main problems seems to be the liver that does not allow me to take some pills( the gastroenterologist declares that medications cause drug induced hepatitis) and the fact that I cant digest fat and I am not speaking about ham, sour-cream or butter, I am speaking about oil from witch Omega 3-6-9 should help my brain to not collapse and the vitamin E to help the skin of my face heal.
Principalele mele probleme medicale au fost si sunt:
1.externa – dermatologica:
Pielea fetei mele se comporta ca o rana deschisa, incapabila sa isi mai indeplineasca funciile, si care ma afecteaza fizic, social si economic, dandu-mi reactii chimice la nivel de cap care ma fac sa fiu in permaneta obosit, care este foarte sensibila si reactiva (sensibilitate la caldura, umezeala +caldura, vant, ger, deshidratandu-se rapid, cu senzatii de uscaciune, usturime si durere) si care se regenereaza greu, fiind aproape imposibil de controlat medical.
Aceast stare de lucruri a debutat ca urmare a unor tratamente facute pentru acnee seboreica in perioada 1989-1996 si care au lasat pielea fetei rosie, sensibila si reactiva si ca urmare greu de controlat. Peste ani lucrurile s-au agravat pielea fetei devenind ceea ce este astazi – o rana vie. Intre sfarsitul lui Decembrie 2012 si Februarie 2013 pielea fetei a inceput sa fie extrem de rosie si sa arda in fiecare seara timp de cateva ore. Ca urmare a ceea ce se intampla la nivel de fata ochii sunt din ce in ce mai uscati. Simple activitati ca spalarea parului capului sau barbieritul sunt adevarate dureri pentru mine.
Domnii doctori numesc ceea ce mi se intampla dermatita seboreica dar simptomatologia pare sa aiba mai mult in comun cu rozaceea trazitorie ( o piele care se manifesta ca oparita si arsa in acelasi timp).
In aceste conditii viata mea a devenit o inchisoare in casa facand astfel imposibila castigarea existentei. Acum viata mea consta, la doar 40 de ani, in a manca, a dormi si a merge intre doua camere sau in curtea casei( atunci cand pot sta in picioare).
Gasiti atasate copii ale tratamentelelor dermatologice urmate in 2012 si 2013 si fotografii ale fetei mele.
Din tot sufletul ajutati-ma sa opresc durerea, desfigurarea si inutilitatea.

2. interna – neurologica:

Principalele probleme sunt:
-durere pe partea occipital stângă a creierului. Durerile apar si dispar. Situatia este foarte variabila de la o zi la alta si in cursul aceleiasi zile;
-imposibilitatea de a lucra la calculator deoarece creierul şi ochii se simt ca si cum ar fi arsi complet (acest lucru afectand capacitatea de a-mi castiga existenta – cca 95% din contabilitate este pe calculator in zilele noastre);
-calitatea şi puterea de regenerare a somnnului este compromisă. Atunci când lucrurile au fost normale 7-8 ore de somn erau suficiente dar acum chiar şi după 10 ore de somn nu mă simt ca şi cum as avea energia pentru o zi. De asemenea, ca urmare a faptului ca nu dorm bine, în timpul zilei nu am energie pentru a sta in picioare (precizez ca nu am probleme de a adormi sau cosmaruri in timpul somnului);
-din cauza lipsei de odihnă în timpul nopţii ,dupa atatea ani de chin arat din ce in ce mai mult ca o fantomă. Pielea de pe fata mea parca nu se mai regenereaza şi suprafaţa sa se comporta ca si cum ar arde în special la aer cald(in conditiile in care pielea fetei mele era deja afectata de tratamentele pentru acnee seboreica din anii 90 care au lasat pielea fetei sensibila si reactiva si care au produs deformarea fetei);
-nu mai sunt capabil sa sustin o alergare pentru 30 de minute. De fiecare data cand am incercat simt dureri teribile în creier şi trebuie să stau în pat pentru una sau două săptămâni, pentru ca nu am echilibru.Totul a început în Septembrie 2009 ca urmare a lucrului ore indelungate la calculator (de multe ori mai mult de 10 ore pe zi, 6 zile pe săptămână) şi cu un aer conditionat deasupra capului meu care imi îngheţa creierul in fiecare zi. Cand ma duceam acasa la sfarsitul zilei ma simteam ca un bec ars, fara energie si tot ceea ce puteam face era sa ma arunc in pat. Am continuat să lucreze din Septembrie 2009 până în Decembrie 2009.
In perioada Decembrie 2009-Octombrie 2010 am încercat să ma odihnesc mai mult, sa mânanc cat mai sănătos posibil, sa alerg, sa stau cat mai putin la calculator dar lucrurile nu se îmbunătăţeau.
Ca urmare în Octombrie 2010 m-am prezentat la medicul specialist.
Din Octombrie 2010 şi pana in prezent am avut următoarele tratamente medicale:
-la neurolog pentru neurastenie:
1. Sedocalm (3) / Bilobil (1) / Betaserc (3) / Doxepin 25 (1);
2. Efectin ER 75 mg (1) / Bilobil (1);
3. Fenobarbital (1) / Medazepan (1) / Ca (3) / 9vita (3) / Vitamina A + D2 (3) / Vitamina E (3);
4. Trittico (1/2) / Timonil Retard (1/2) / Quarelin / Distonocalm;
5. Omnivit memory (1) / Cebrium (1) –Ultimul tratament.
-la psihiatru pentru depresie:
1. Esprital 3 mg (1/2), Rivotril 2 mg (1/4) / Valdoxan 25 mg (1).
(valorile din paranteze reprezinta doza zilnică).Tratamentele au începeut promiţător, dar de fiecare dată când am încercat să ma întoarc sa lucrez la calculator totul s-a prabusit dupa 10-14 zile de lucru. Colapsul este mai mare în cazul lucrului la PC-ul în timp ce ma aflu sub tratamente psihiatrice decât in cazul celor neurologice (In primul caz nu numai creierul și ochii sunt arsi, dar de asemenea, apar probleme digestive – gastrita hiperacida, senzaţia de a avea tiroida blocata, pielea de pe fata mea este arsa). Pentru a ma recupera fizic si psihic cel putin la nivelul unde am fost înainte de a începe tratamentul durează cam 2-3 luni după prăbuşirea în timp ce sub tratament neurologic şi 5-6 luni in cazul celui psihiatric. Nu pot intelege ce face calculatorul atat de daunator creierul meu de tratamentele medicale ajung sa esueze si gastroenterologul sa declare ca medicamentele imi produc hepatita medicamentoasa. Dupa toate sperantele, timpul scurs si banii cheltuiti sunt lasat fara explicatie de catre medicii neurologi si psihiatri de ce tratamentele medicale esueaza.După mai mult de doi ani de tratamente medicale aproape mi-am pierdut speranţa că voi mai fi capabil să lucrez la calculator din nou şi de a afla ce se întâmplă în cazul meu. Medicii de la Constanta mi-au spus că problema mea este curabila, dar rezultatele nu se vad inca. Situatia mea este mai rea ca la început. Dacă situaţia nu este vindecabilă aş dori să ştiu de ce.Dupa patru ani de la debutul situatiei si mai bine de doi ani si jumatate de tratamente medicale inca nu ma simt bine in creier si nu pot lucra. Uneori chiar si simple eforturi par mari consumatoare de energie. Ultimele analize de sange de rutina au relevat doar bilirubina crescuta si calciul scazut. Analizele RMN si AngioRMN nu au relevat nimic anormal. Sunt inca diagnosticat cu sindromul neurasteniform si cu interdictia de a nu avea contact cu surse electro-magnetice(deci fara calculator, TV, telefon, radio)  si lasat cu singura solutie de a lua agocalmin lichid pentru a opri durerile de cap.

În martie 2013 am fost internat la spitalul militar din Constanta cu scopul de a dovedi că după atâţia ani de tratamente private probleme mele medicale există încă si diagnosticele sunt aceleaşi in sectorul sănătăţii publice ca si in cel privat (asa cum poate fi văzut în biletul de iesire din spital atasat).
3. interna – digestiva
Sindromul de colon iritabil a însoţit mulţi ani sindromul meu neurasthenic, dar principalele probleme digestive pare a fi ficatul, care nu permite a lua anumite pastile (gastroenterologul declară că medicamente psihiatrice provoca hepatită toxica medicamentoasa) şi faptul că eu nu pot digera grăsimile şi nu vorbesc despre sunca, smantana sau unt, vorbesc despre ulei din care Omega 3-6-9 ar trebui să ajute creierul meu sa nu se prabuseasca şi vitamina E sa ajute pielea fetei sa se vindece.

6 thoughts on “Cazul meu medical/My medical case

  1. Jesus is your only hope. Turn fully to him today and he will meet with you in his appointed time as he met with the 38 years cripple, Yours is not up to that, so put your trust in Christ.
    Its so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his word…

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