Heaven should be a place on Earth for Rosaceans too – Please take the time to read and help

Mr. Romeo Milea
11 Aleea Ialomitei
900309 Constanta


Dear friends,

Greetings from Constanta, Romania!

My name is Romeo Milea, I am 45 years old, I am an Economist and Valuer and I have been afflicted with Rosacea for some time.

Rosacea is a facial disorder that affects over 45 million people in varying degrees of severity. Rosacea is often characterized by facial redness, flushing, burning pain, acne and even facial disfigurement. In some severe cases, the skin is hot to the touch and the person experiences burning or aching pain that can at times be completely disabling.

There is a non-profit organization, The Rosacea Research and Development Institute (RRDi), which is dedicated to increasing awareness, educating people and, most importantly, funding research for a treatment or cure for Rosacea hence the reason for my letter.

I am hoping as you determine how to distribute your charitable money this year, that you will consider making a donation to RRDi. RRDi”s goal is to initiate dedicated research projects into the causes and subsequent treatments of Rosacea. You can help by making a donation directly to RRDi. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. No gift is too small.

To make a donation, either send it directly to:

Rosacea Research & Development Institute
P.O. Box 721189
Naalehu, HI 96772

Or donate online at:


Please consider making your donation in support of Romeo Milea. If you wish to remain anonymous please include this when you donate.

I would like to thank you in advance for your generosity. Your kindness will help the RRDi in its quest to cure this psychologically debilitating and frustrating illness.

If you know somebody else that can help us in our endeavor please feel free to forward our message or to provide us with her/his contact details.

Gratefully yours,

Mr. Romeo Milea

Member of the Board of The Rosacea Research and Development Institute

Email: romeo@irosacea.org

Web-site: https://irosacea.org


PS: I have attached to this letter two photos that show what Rosacea means physically and mentally for a human being.


Are you a doctor who specializes in psychodermatology or psychocutaneous medicine and wants to be a volunteer for Rosacea Research & Development Institute?

Rosacea Research & Development Institute is searching for a doctor who specializes in psychodermatology or psychocutaneous medicine who wants to work as volunteer(The RRDi Medical Advisory Consultant).  Please help us to spread the news and to find the right specialist. Thank you for your invaluable support.