Fake Rosacea Products

In the last 5 years I used the following Rosacea Products with no results:

-Ruboril and Metroruboril(Isis Pharma),



-Rosaliac(La Roche Pousy),

-Ivatherm for sensitive cuperozic skin,

-Avene tollerance extreme and anti-redness and


All this product products promiss to reduce redness and to make the blood vessels smaller but no one of them does what it claims.


Killed every day by rosacea erythematous

I wish I was born in Falkland Islands. I am positive I could get much help there then in Romania.

I wrote to the President of Romania Mr. Klaus Iohannis about my case but I have never got a reply in one year time. I wrote to the Prime Minister Mr. Dacian Ciolos. He sent my message to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour. But no replies from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour yet.

As a prove that there is no justice in Romania three Romanian MPs(Puiu Hasotti, Ion Luchian, Sebastian Grapa) gave up to help me/ assist me in my battle with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour. How can someone have justice in Romania when those that made the law dont have power to fight with the executive power??? How a simple citizen like me can have justice in Romania?  All I asked for was a treatment for my rosacea in Germany and my disease to be recognized as disability as owing to what is happening to me I was not able to work in the last six years and I am a prisoner in the house.

God where are you now? Please dont take all my ANGELS.Please let me believe that HELP IS COMING(https://vimeo.com/22000000) Leave me a chance to survive at least.