Dear Celin Dion I want to sing with you in Vegas – I’m alive – A letter to a guardian angel

Dear Hg24 thank you for your recommandation.
The lady from the clinik should told me about that.
I want so much to sing again with Celine Dion I’m alive(if GOD wants in a megashow in Las Vegas). The last six years I was more dead than alive. Owing to rosacea I was not having the mood/peace to read a book, to watch TV or to do something to the PC. I was not  even able to listen to music. My best friend music was no longer a companion. My only escape was the night and the sleep. I was going to bed with the hope that I will not wake up next day. At a certain moment in time I asked for assisted suicide in Switzerland at Life Circle( The cost of all process is about 14000 USD – when you think that the cost of six boxes of phenobarbital is less than 6 Euros in Romania but you can have it only with a prescrption., the doctors in Romania refused to give me a medical report for assisted suicide). I lost everything including my career in the sunny Caribbean Islands. What kind of rest can you have when your face is like an open chemically wound, and the flesh is like melting all the time and creams do no good to my skin. I live in a city by the sea and I cant enjoy at all sun, sea and sand. I give up even to say “Sunny Greetings” as sun is a public enemy for roseaceans. I had moments when even staying in front of the computer or by the phone my face was becoming very red and a doctor from Germany originated from Romania – dr. John Ionescu told me that I have heavy metals in my brain. But that is history now as the psyhiatrical treatment with Cymbalta and Olanzapine established the rest in my brain after many years of chronic fatigue and many unsucessful neurological and psyhiatrical treatments. GOD I want my life back so much. I want to scream out loud “I want to live, I want to live”.
I have about a week since I am taking Zoloft and I have two days since I have the feeling that I have skin and not a wound on my face. I hope the things will improve and IPL will reduce the unbearable burden. I want to escape from the jail. GOD where are you?
I was contacted by David from Iowa and he informed me about Do you have knoledge about users with good results using David’s device? I was so impressed by his results and his story that is so similar in pains and suicidal like mine.
Where are you from my dear angel Hg24?
Kind regards,

A cry for help from Romania – My Erythemato Rosacea Story

It took me a lot of time to decide to make my story public or not. Finally I decided to share my story with the hope that I can receive medical advice from people suffering of rosacea and also my medical experience till now can be useful to those that read this blog.

My story started in 1989. For eight years between 1989 and 1997 I had dermatological treatments for seborrheic acne. For years my skin was peeled of thousands of layers with solutions containing alcohol, salicilic acid, boric acid, sulf, glicerin, talc, etc. After the peeling I had to apply on my face a cream with Eritromicin, Sulf, Ac Boric, Ihtiol, Cutaden. After 8 years of pains and frustrations my face remained very sensitive, red, very sensitive to the sun and heat. Till 2010 I had no ideea that was happening to me was having a name: rosacea. For years I was not able to stay in the sun but I had no idea what was it.

In 2010 it was for the first time prescribed to me Advantan, Metroruboril and Ruboril, Biotics, but my diagnostic put by the doctor was seborrheic dermatithis. For me was very strange to be diagnosed with seborrheic dermatithis and prescribed products for rosacea. Both dieases are chronic but they are very different in manifestations.
The second treatment was with Roselian/Rubialin, Hydraphase UV, Triderm, Detralex and Triovit.
The third treatment was with Avene Anthirougeurs, Ivatherm for sensitive cuperozic skin and Zinc.
None of the treatments worked for me. After 3 days or more I had to abandon.

My last treatment was the first time when I was diagnosed with rosacea eritematosa. The treatment prescribed was: Mirvaso gel, Klacid, Nexium, Clonidina and Zinckit.

For a year and a half my face was red and burning with chemical sensations in the skin and pains. The burning sensation was lasting for hours from one hour to 4 or 5. The hope that Mirvaso gel will work for me was in vain. Mirvaos gel did not work for me. My face was like in the third picture posted on my blog when I was applying Mirvaos gel (
Klacid and Nexium did nothing to me as I done numeros tests for bacteria, fungi and worms and all seemed ok.
The combination between Clonidina and Zinckit succeded after a few months to stop the redness and the burning sensation.

Rosacea succeded to distroy my life. It affects me pysical(it is distroing my face), psyhical( I have to take anti-depresants), financial( I lost my job and I have not worked in the last 6 years) and social( left me with no friends and no family). Owing to rosacea I gave up to my career in Finance in the Caribbean and I am prisoner in the house.

Today my face is like melting with chemical and pysical sensations in the skin that I cannot bear. I still cannot stand in the sun and heat. Left with no treatment my medical condition is not improving. I have the permanent feeling that I have a wound on my face.

My face is clean. I dont have pustules or acne. From my experience vitamin A, D2+D3, B6 tend to agravatte my rosacea as they are reducing the quantity of sebum from the skin.

I lost my hope that the dermatologists will do something good to my skin. So I asked for a facial skin transplant but I was refused because they said the transplant would mutilate me and the problem is pure dermatological.

I dont know where to go and who to ask for help. I was not even succesful to secure a job in the house. Work from home jobs are for informaticians and not for an Economist like me.

I lost my faith and hope that something can be done for me.

Dear reader share your experience with me. I dont know that to take internally and what to apply externaly to have peace in the skin.

Have you ever struggled with Rosacea?

Have you ever struggled with Rosacea?

Originally posted on skintastic:

I know that there are lots of people that suffer from rosacea and after recently reading a blog about this skin condition I was particularly blown away by the personal journey that Julie has been sharing. I think you will all agree that Julie is a great inspiration to those suffering with this skin condition.

In today’s post you will hear Julie’s story and how she has been living with rosacea for the last 15 years. Now that she has finally managed to control this skin disorder, she has turned her writing talents to blogging on the subject in the hope of helping others who are struggling with the condition. Julie is also a Canadian child’s and young adult fiction author, known for such titles as Love at First Plight (book 1 of the Perspective series).

How Rosacea Changed My Life and Lifestyle

It sounds crazy to say that a…

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Rosacea not only affects the skin but the confidence of sufferers and from my own personal experience I know how debilitating its effects can be. – Cynthia Nixon

Rosacea not only affects the skin but the confidence of sufferers and from my own personal experience I know how debilitating its effects can be. – Cynthia Nixon