CFS: It’s Not About Fatigue

Lachlan + Cathy


One of the frustrations of living with a long-term illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the name itself.

Not only does it engender negative connotations and misconceptions for many people, but it’s also misleading.

My physician, Dr. Richard Schloeffel, in an interview with MiNDFOOD in 2012, had this to say:

CFS is not about fatigue.

Fatigue is the response of the body to all these significant disruptions in various body functions: brain, heart, muscle, joint, gut, bladder, sleep cycle, cognitive function, autonomic nervous function…

He adds:

There is a lot of unfortunate mismanagement and misdiagnosis because it’s called CFS.

People are devalued in the diagnostic process and the treatment process because they’ve got this label that stigmatises them, and we have got to get rid of this.

CFS has nothing to do with fatigue. Fatigue is the underlying response to all of the other dysfunctions that are occurring in the body.

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