Do You Know What’s Under Your Arms?

Products What You Put on Your Skin Matters … From creams to dirty air and environmental toxins, what is absorbed through the skin is transported throughout the body.
Our mission is to provide organic and natural alternatives to synthetic chemical and environmental irritants. Our products include:

Detox Cleansing Nighttime Deodorant™
The world’s first Detox Deodorant works to enhance the body’s own cleansing process at night while you sleep. Coriander Seed, Kelp and Olive Leaf are the key ingredients that help direct trash cells, debris and metals out of the system safely and discretely. Works in conjunction with weight loss and internal detoxing. Use with Non Suppressing, wicking action Day time Deodorants.

Tropical Cove Deodorant®
A mild blend of warm spicy essential oils such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosewood and Coriander. Includes organic tapioca, arrowroot and brown rice starches which trap moisture and allow the body to perspire naturally without odor.

No Added Fragrance Deodorant
Created for consumers who prefer clean products with no added fragrance. The mild, natural aroma of this product comes from our blend of unrefined base oils.

Supreme Solution™ Intensive Body Moisturizer
You’ve never used a moisturizer like this. Your skin will celebrate the wealth of deeply penetrating and rich oils. The synergy of the complex formula will leave your skin moisturized and replenished naturally. There are no chemical emulsifiers, therefore it may take a bit longer to be absorbed. Apply after shower while skin is moist for quicker absorption. Very concentrated; a small amount goes a long way.

Topical, Non Steroidal, Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief Salves
Excessive inflammatory conditions can deplete anti-oxidant reserves and over-tax the body’s own healing system, which can delay recovery and tissue repair. Our versatile pain relief salves are formulated to safely and naturally reduce the physical symptoms caused by inflammation. Aches and Pains Smart Salve for sore lymphs, muscles and body, Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve for help with breathing, congestion, allergies, coughs, sore throat, and tired vocal cords.

Stick Moisturizer
Three pure moisturizers in handy, stick format. Great for travel. No waste, easy to use. Geranium for dry and damaged skin, Tropical Cove for all skin types, and No Added Fragrance for those who want to only smell the pleasant, natural aroma of the ingredients.Helps restore dried cuticles. Skin moisture content lasts all day, even when washing hands.

Fresh Whole Nubian Goat’s Milk Soap
Herbalix uses the fresh milk from Nubian goats, which has the highest fat content of all goats’ milk. These creamy, rich soaps leave skin moisturized and healthy. Especially suited for those with challenging skin conditions.

Organic Botanical Cleansing Shampoo
Formulated with 95% organic ingredients, it is free of petroleum-derived ingredients and comes in a special EA free bottle. Leaves hair and scalp clean, revitalized, is effective in soft and hard water, and is suitable for everyday use. Made with ingredients derived from nature to help remove chlorine and impurities that can cause dryness, brittleness and fading. Gentle formula will increase shine and manageability. Does not pollute waterways!

Organic Liquid Hand Soap
Formulated with 95% organic ingredients, comes in a Bisphenol A free plastic bottle. Contains Herbalix – 99% effective against germs. Naturally biodegradable, phosphate free. Non-drying vitamin rich whole Nubian goat’s milk formula for softer skin. Excellent for frequent hand washing. Does not pollute waterways!
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