Before & After


Was sorting through my photo albums on the lappy and came across photos from last year’s trip to Taipei. It was my first trip overseas alone with B and I was extremely excited. But… was kinda depressed throughout the trip because of my face.

*Warning: graphical photos below, please exit right now if you don’t want to puke*

I have a skin condition called Rosacea diagnosed by a dermatologist. In Nov 2012, my face was breaking out, peeling & whatever all at once. It’s extremely painful and itchy and I couldn’t keep my mind off it.

My confidence was a negative 100% and I wanted to dig a hole and hide my face in it.

Here’re some shots taken with a DSLR. If you’re keen to find out what happened before I got to this stage, I wrote about my extremely frustrating skin journey here.


When I came back…

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