Cleaning lymph – baking soda, Epsom salts, castor oil

Cleaning lymph – baking soda, Epsom salts, castor oil

Cleaning lymph – baking soda, Epsom salts, castor oil

The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels and organs alike. Lymph has several roles, all essential. It isolates viruses, fight infection and absorbs excess oil, grease and debris and waste from the body. Since these materials are built into our lymphatic system, it can be blocked.
Lymphatic system – vital for body health
The lymphatic system is the body’s drainage system. He actually cleans our entire body through waste collection action, toxins, pathogens and even cancer cells and eliminate them. It also assists the lymphatic system in the optimal distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body. Compared with the blood, lymphatic system has its own pump. Therefore, fluid retention, blocking nutrients and inability to filter and eliminate toxins on time, congestion can cause health risk.
Symptoms of a congested lymphatic system include frequent colds, infections and joint pain. A healthy diet, based on well-established principles of nutrition can help clean and positive stimulation of the lymphatic system.
1. Lymph cleaning with baking soda + Epsom salts
Ingredients :
• a cup of baking soda
• a cup of Epsom salts
• bathtub filled with warm or hot water
Mix ingredients thoroughly in water and bathe for 20-30 minutes. On output, it is recommended that the body to relax. It sits wrapped in a thick blanket to be abundant sweat and eliminate toxins. This process helps to cleanse the lymphatic system in depth, stimulates blood circulation and also helps to detoxify the skin.
2. Bath with Epsom salts
You can only use Epsom salts , about a cup at a bath filled with warm water. The procedure is the same. It stands for 20-30 minutes in order to load the body with magnesium and sulfur, the mineral is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. It is an excellent remedy for autistic children who have problems in the metabolism of these two minerals. This bath is recommended for foot pain or insomnia. It is usually done at night.

3. Castor oil

Castor oil can help lymph fluid to flow more easily and lymph decongesting clogged. Topically applied, it will improve the circulation and function of tissues and organs underneath the skin.

Soak a few pieces of cloth or flannel in castor oil and apply on the body, and cover with a piece of plastic and a hot glass to heat. Leave on for 45 minutes or an hour.
The liver, abdomen and joints – such as knees or other joints, respond best to castor oil applications. It helps to relieve muscle pain and in case of constipation or indigestion. Compress castor oil can be used more than once, and may be stored in a refrigerator between uses.
After application of the castor oil can be washed the body with a sodium bicarbonate solution and warm water.
4. Brushing Skin
Brushing your skin is a little known method to clean and detoxify the lymph and blood circulation increase. Moreover, this process helps to remove dead skin cells and residues blocked pores.
Some have called the lymphatic system of the body “third lung”. The lymphatic system operates together with the kidneys and liver to eliminate toxins from the body. Good blood circulation is only luru which helps smooth functioning of the lymphatic system. Therefore skin brushing can help stimulate circulation and tissue oxygenation.
This massage is done on dry skin before bathing or showering. The brush must be dried in turn. You can use one with natural hair at herbal stores. Brushing is not on the face or other sensitive areas of the body. It starts from the feet, legs and back are continuous, then the arms and hands, neck and scalp. Brushing should be done vigorously to open pores and remove dead skin layers thus to stimulate circulation and nerve endings.
Other  important recommendations
It is recommended to avoid tight fitting underwear such as bra or socks to allow the body to breathe and circulate lymph correctly.
Breath deep, the diaphragm, is another effective way to put the lymph moving. About 60% of lymph nodes below the diaphragm is therefore correct breathing is the best and natural way to maintain healthy and functional lymphatic system.


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