Discovering Romania – Wild Carpathia 3

Wild Carpathia 3

Even deep in my heart as a Romanian, I do not appreciate at all what is happening with Romania from economic, politic, social and cultural points of views, I will never give up to promote the natural, pristine, serene and diverse natural beauties of this garden of heaven. 
Come as a guest, leave as a friend, return as a relative.
Come and discover the WILD Carpathian Garden.

Please consider reading the below brochures about Carpathian Garden:


2 thoughts on “Discovering Romania – Wild Carpathia 3

    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you very much for watching the presentation of Wild Carpathia and your comment.
      God to hear you and to bless Romania with less squirrel mentality and attitude leaders how Ms. Marie-Rose Mociorniţă name it.
      I can only say Hallelujah with Il Divo and to not lose the hope that one day they will care about Romania and they will think and act like HRH, Sir Prince Charles.
      Romania get well. You deserve to be a travel destination. You have all the nature’s wonders and the most hospitable people in the World. Prove to the World that Emil Cioran’s words about Romanian’s Maglavit are only history.

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