Klinghardt Academy Recipe for Electromagnetic Radiation Remediation


Klinghardt Academy Recipe for EMF Remediation
Electromagnetic Radiation (Electrosmog) Protocols and Products

Dr. Klinghardt recommends all to learn about the effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies to your health, and
use remediation strategies when possible. These are essential to incorporate into your daily life to reduce
the effect of Radiation & harmful frequencies on your body, for healing sleep & your office environment!
Listen to Dr. Klinghardtsˇ¦ EMR lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PktaaxPl7RI
Here are some simple solutions to start:
1. Turn off Electric at night:
Remote circuit breaker switches
Daytime, Use Electrical Outlet Stetzer Filters available at Klinghardt Academy
2. No cordless Phones, No wireless in the House (use broadband and land lines)
3. Grounding: Earthing Mats and Bedpads: excellent for ˇ§healing sleepˇ¨
DVD included with purchase by Dr. Klinghardt: Healing Risk with Exposure to electromagnetic Fields
Special price at Klinghardt Academy : info@klinghardtacademy.com
4. Sleep Protection: Call us for personal help and suggestions
„h Body Harmonizing computer k.Dwell sticks and cell phone chips:
o Wall Shielding: Paint (must ground the paint )
o Personal Home Testing Meters & Equipment:
o ˇ§Newˇ¨ Protective Clothing, Safe to wear on the skin
o Shielding Canopies, Curtains, Fabrics, Blankets
o Cranial Stimulation System is a good option for resetting the brain when used
20 min. mid-AM & PM. It helps to undo what EMFs are doing to the brain for neuro issues,
sleep help and mental fog.Available from Discovery Health Solutions/Klinghardt Academy.
5. Device Safety and EMR Remediaton: Best to Keep your cell phone off when not in use.
The k.Dwell products harmonize the frequencies into a healing treatment!
Cell Phone Use: k.DWELL Chips Smart Phones, and all mobile phones types.
Computer Harmonization: k.DWELL -USB Sticks and Pendants
Klinghardt Academyˇ¦s product at: Discovery Health Solutions:
Trusted Source for the most effective EMR Products & Protocols
debbieafloyd@gmail.com 908-899-1650
LLC 2013 EMR Catalog Pricing
1] Advanced EMF / RF Detection Kit $675.00
Allows a typical home owner or practitioner to conduct a thorough EMR
home assessment, identify sources and measure precise exposure levels.
Sources Identified: cordless phones, Wi-Fi systems, wireless LAN, cell
phone towers, power lines, electrical installations and appliances, baby
monitors and alarms, microwave ovens, cell phones, Smart Meters etc.
Contains the following 2 meters: Made in Germany
1] Gigahertz Solutions -ME3830B AC Electric & AC GaussmeterCovers Low Freq. 16 Hz ˇV100,000 Hz)
2] Gigahertz Solutions Radio Frequency ˇ§RFˇ¨ Meter ˇV HF35C for High Frequency (800 MHz ˇV 2.5 GHz)
2] Body Voltage Home Kit $169.00
Easy to Use Body Voltage Home Test Kit – Compatible with Bau-Biologie /
Building Biology Measurement Guidelines. This test kit will indicate the level
of AC voltage on the human body from live electrical wires in the surroundings.
Sources Identified: house hold power lines, electrical installations appliances
, etc… Made in Germany Covers: Low-frequency AC electric fields 60 Hz
3) Graham Stetzer Filters: $35.00 ea. or $ 700.00/ box of 20 complete house
Microsurge Meter: $125.00 used to see which outlets need a filter
Helps combat the negative effects of electrical pollution and can alleviate some symptoms of fatigue,
depression, insomnia, headaches, body aches and memory loss. Research indicates there has been
substantial improvement in the quality of life f those people who are sensitive to excessive levels of electrical
current. Recommended for the average home to install 20 filters. Just plug the filters
directly into outlet or power strip after testing with the Microsurge Meter. This meter is
designed to measure only the high frequency noise. The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug the
meter into an outlet. Then add Graham-Stetzer Filters to the same outlet and nearby outlets and watch
the reading decrease.
Mitigation Solutions
4.) RF Shielding ˇ§Bed Canopiesˇ¨
Available in King, Queen, Double and Single Sizes: Call us for recommendations.
Swiss Shield Daylite Canopy From $884.00
Hand Made Canopy with Effective Protection Against Radio Frequency and
Microwave Radiation. Our Lightest and Most Breathable Fabric
5.) RF Shielding Fabrics
Swiss Shield Daylite $24.95 Per Linear Foot (width 260 cm or 102 inches)
Decorative Mesh Fabric – Radio Frequency / Microwave Shielding
Effectiveness 99.6% or 24 dB at (1000 MHz / 1 GHz) and 97% at (3000 MHz / 3 GHz)
Naturell Fabric: $35.95 per linear Foot 100% cotton (Width= 250 cm or 98.4 inches)
Effective up to (10,000 MHz / 10 GHz)
6.) EMF Shielding Paint
I Liter ˇV $79.00 5 Liters- $340.00
YSHIELD shielding paints are electro-conductive coatings for
the protection of large areas from electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
They off er the best shielding qualities for protection against high frequency(HF) radiation and (or) against lowfrequency
(LF) electricfields. For living areas and covered with your choice of paint.
„h Coverage: Interior: 1 Litre 7.5 sq. Meters (81 sq. Feet); Exterior: 1 Litre 5.0 sq. Meters (54 sq. Feet)
ˇ§NEWˇ¨ Harmonization for EMR in your home and for electronics!
6.) Cell Phone Harmonizer: K.Dwell – CHIPS $ 75.00
Consists of a thin carrier film containing powerful mineral substances. This is covered by a laminated
film which provides additional protection to the k.Dwell- Chip. The minerals collect free flowing
energy from the radiation waves, convert it and then transfer it to the body, resulting in a measurable
upsurge in our meridianˇ¦s natural energy levels. Using Autonomic Response Testing, a
kinesiology-based testing method, it has been shown that the k.Dwell Chip helps raise vital energy levels and release energy
blockages to harmonize energy flow. How to use the Chip
Simply place the ˇ§blue coloredˇ¨ side of the Chip facedown onto the battery in your device and replace the phoneˇ¦s battery cover, or use sticky tape
to attach the k.Dwell Chip onto the outside case of your device.
7.) Computer Harmonizer:K.Dwell-Stick: $150.00
Designed by Klinghardt Academy to counteract the negative effects of electroˇVsmog
The positive effects of using a k.Dwell-Stick include the strengthening of your power of
concentration and performance, and an improved regeneration of our body.
E-smog exists as a result of electromagnetic fields and radio waves such as those emitted by computers, wireless routers and
wireless phones. The k.Dwell works as a filter against man-made electro-magnetic fields and radio waves and can be comparable
to a ˇ§noise filterˇ¦ that helps prevent traffic noise. How to use the Stick
Simply plug the k.DwellˇV stick into the USB port of your computer or Mac. Nothing else is required; however you may use your
stick for data storage, and we have found it helpful for our patients as a protective pendant.
8.) Cranial Stimulation System is a good option for resetting the brain when used 20 min. mid-AM &
PM. Clipped on the ear. It helps to undo what EMFs are doing to the brain for neuro issues, sleep help and mental
fog, Recommended for Autism support . $349.00
5.) Earthing Bed Pad Set: and DVD Klinghardt Edition: special $199.00
Recommended by Dr. Klinghardt for healing sleep! Organic Cotton Earthing Bed Pad Half Sheet, Universal Earthing
Mat, Outlet checker, Continunity Tester, Spliter Block, Ground Rod w/40 ft. grounding cord, Earthing book.
DVD included in set by Dr. Klinghardt : Health Risks with Exposure to EMR Fields
http://www.Klinghardtacademy.com info@klinghardtacademy.com 908-899-1650
Grounding plate kit for shielding paints
For exterior applications #1172
$49.00 each
We recommend one or two ESA grounding kits for each continuous connected
exterior surface
Kit Contains:
„h Metal (aluminum) plate 80 x 80 x 3 mm with special conductive fleece backing
„h Waterproof box
„h Special glue for gluing to the underground
„h 4 Screws & 4 dowels / wall plugs @ 6 mm
„h 20 cm grounding cable 16 mm2 with cable lugs and waterproof shrink tubing
„h Grounding Instructions
Grounding plate kit for shielding paints, nettings, fleeces,etc.
For interior use #1076
$49.00 each
One grounding kit is required for each continuous connected surface, or
one per room.
Kit Contains:
„h Metal (Aluminum) plate 80 x 80 x 3 mm with conductive fleece backing
„h 3 grounding sockets
„h 4 cable straps
„h 4 Screws, 4 dowels / wall plugs @ 6 mm
„h 1 m grounding cable @ 2.5 mm2 pre-assembled
„h Grounding Installation Instructions
Self-adhesive, conductive fleece grounding tape for use under
shielding paints.
$34.00 each
Self-adhesive, conductive fleece grounding tape for under
shielding paints, to bridge cracks and to join adjacent surfaces.
meter (32.8 feet) Superior adhesive force 10 N/cm. With electrically non-conductive glue
Signal Protect – Clear Film
Virtually Clear Radio Frequency Signal Protect Window Film – Transparent RF
window shielding / glass shielding to block a wide range of radio frequency
and microwave radiation
$38.00 Per Linear (4 ft. width) or $47.50per Linear Foot (5 ft width)
Both widths are cut in 4 ft. lengths only.
RF Shielding Mesh
Basic Interior and Exterior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection – Aluminum RF Shielding
Mesh – Sold in 100 foot rolls, in 3 ft., 4 ft. and 5 ft. widths.
$252.00 Each
Demand Switch
An Important Part of Creating your own Sleep Sanctuary – Automatic Protection AC Electric
Fields Including Dirty Electricity
$270.00 Each
Remote Cut Off Switch
Turns On and Turns Off Specific Circuits with the Push of a Button. Protection Against AC
Electric Fields Including Dirty Electricity as well as Many OtherPractical Applications
$395.00 Each
Antenna Extension Cable 5
Meter / 16 foot Antenna Extension Cable to increase the range of the Remote Cut Off Switch
$95.00 Each
Circuit Monitoring Light
Monitoring Light to display status of circuit controlled by a Demand Switch
$9.00 Each
Constant Load Resistor
Assists the Demand Switch in Responding to Particular Electronic Devicesor Appliances
$2.49 Each
Contactor – 4 Circuit, 24 amp
The 24 Amp, 4 Circuit Contactor allows the Remote Cut Off Switch to controlup to 4 branch
$175.00 Each
Contactor – 4 Circuit, 40 amp
The 40 Amp, 4 Circuit Contactor allows the Remote Cut Off Switch to control up to4 branch
$199.00 Each
Demand Switch Mounting Rail
DIN Mounting Rail for Installation of the Demand Switch, Remote Cut Off
Switch and Contactor – 6 inch
$8.99 EachTransmitter
Additional transmitter for the Remote Cut Off
Switch Version A or Version B
$69.00 Each
Orders: 908-899-1650 info@klinghardtacademy.com


3 thoughts on “Klinghardt Academy Recipe for Electromagnetic Radiation Remediation

  1. Why is it that harmful wireless radiation is forever ignored around the world? I use radio frequency shielding fabric around my house and on my clothes. As well as being comfortable and good looking, I am also kept safe from radiation!

  2. RF blocking fabric is the way forward. It keeps everyone protected from harmful radiation, so why isn’t is being implemented straight away around the world?

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