Nicolaescu: Reorganize the National Transplant Agency.The institution has several shortcomings – Does Romanian Minister of Health felt on his skin what I felt on mine???

Nicolaescu: Reorganize the National Transplant Agency.The institution has several shortcomings – Does Romanian Minister of Health felt on his skin what I felt on mine???

Nicolaescu: Reorganize the National Transplant Agency.The institution has several shortcomings

National Transplant Agency (NTA) will be reorganized with other institutions under the Ministry of Health, as it has many shortcomings, said Tuesday the Minister Eugen Nicolaescu.

“National Transplant Agency, from my point of view, acts as a bureaucratic institution. Institution not to predict which helps in developing programs to monitor and keep record transplantation as would be normal in any country civilized. WHEREOF, having so many shortcomings to be reorganized ” , said Health Minister răpunzând a question of the intention of reorganizing the ANT Tuesday at the “transplant, post transplant patient state and its everyday life” .

The minister will be made when the reorganization of all the institutions under the Ministry of Health, and the NTA will enter this process.

Also attended the conference, Professor Irinel Popescu , Head of the Clinic of Surgery and Liver Transplantation Fundeni and who made ​​the first liver transplant in Romania, said that this year were conducted 96 operations of this type, leading to a total of 493. Survival immediately after such an operation is 93 percent and the overall survival – 70 percent in Romania, he said Smith, adding that these figures are at the international level, but it could be improved in Romania requiring over 100 liver transplant operations per year.


In turn, Professor Ionel Sinescu, head Clincii urologic surgery and kidney transplantation Fundeni showed that transplantation entails unpaid work, done by doctors in intensive care, which must identify the donor and to maintain brain dead or those going to harvest, and their payment should be included in the cost calculation.

“It is natural to be so you can not overload people indefinitely without offering them anything. All work must be rewarded. (…) For us, we do all kinds of surgical interventions for particular difficulties, transplantation does not mean something extraordinary. Instead, it means something special you do in intensive care rooms, keeping brain-dead donors, in special conditions, increasing the number of organs that can be transplanted, “said Sinescu, addressing medical staff present.

Pray to God so you will never need the services of National Transplant Agency in Romania. I hope my message had a echo on the mind and soul of the Minister Eugen Nicolaescu. God so many things goes so wrong in this country.

God have mercy for Romanian citizens that pays so much and get nothing from the public institutions and Romanian leaders.  It is such a PITY  and such a SHAME.

So if you ever in need of a transplant you will call the Ministry of Health. After they will put you through wrong departments many times(like human resources) you will find out about National Transplant Agency. Calling at the National Transplant Agency a very bored lady will answer you (I suppose she never read her job description). You will be asked to call again and finally asked to call dr. Enescu at Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital. There you find out that dr. Enescu deals with skin transplants for kids only so you have to call dr. Stangu Catalin at Emergency Hospital for Plastic Surgery and Burns in Bucharest and so on. If the Romanian dramaturgist IL Caragiale was still alive he was having plenty of real life material to inspire him. The paradox is that after all of these calls all I got was nothing. I was only vexed and ready to plough Romania like Romans Carthagina. God have mercy on Romanian citizens.

But if you were born in USA and you still can see and type on a keyboard you can find out the eligibility criteria in one second:

Eligibility Criteria for Face Transplant

Eligibility Criteria for the UCLA Face Transplantation Program

  • The patient whose facial disfigurement can not be reconstructed by conventional means.
  • The patient is between 18 and 60 years of age.
  • The patient has no serious infection, including hepatitis B or C or HIV
  • The defect was not due to a birth defect.
  • The patient is otherwise in good general health.
  • The patient will commit to extensive rehabilitation, adhere to an immunosuppression medication regimen, and participate in all appointments at the transplant center.


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