A Million Words and Counting by Paul J. J. Payack

Sandra Li-Pham

This book’s title is A Million Words and Counting: How Global English is Rewriting the World. Paul Payack is the founding president of the Global Language Monitor and yourDictionary.com and Harvard-educated. He basically said that for a while, the world thought that Chinese and Spanish is going to overtake English one day but instead, the tide has turned and English is in the lead again as over 250 miillion Chinese starts learning English in China. (As per last night’s TV program, it’s 110 million Chinese whereas there are only 50,000 Americans learning Chinese.) In total, 1.35 billion people could read English.(This world has 6.6 billion population as we write.)

Anyway, some cute figures here.

Nontechnical English has over 1 million words; Spanish, more than 250,000; German, 185,000; French, less than 100,000; Chinese, about 50,000 ideograms. The Bible contains fewer than 20,000 different words. Shakespeare’s complete works covers 24,000 words and he invented…

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