Top 10: best resorts in the Seychelles

the Luxury Travel Expert

Monday newsletters always feature top 10 travel lists to inspire.

Today (June 9, 2014): top 10 most luxurious resorts in the Seychelles.

Mother Nature was extremely generous with these 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean east of Kenia and has spoiled them rotten. Undeniably, the beauty of the beaches is beyond words, making the Seychelles the absolute and unbeatable number one of the best beach destinations in the world: exquisite ribbons of powdery-soft white sand lapped by turquoise waters and backed by jungle-covered hills and big rocky boulders. While the hotel accommodation in the Seychelles was inferior for decades in comparison to its Indian Ocean siblings of the Maldives and Mauritius, which have some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, recent years saw the opening of some ultra-luxurious resorts on the Bounty islands, putting the Seychelles on the Bucket list of every luxury-minded traveler. Some of the

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