If you’re the waiter, why am I the one waiting?

A Collection of Musings


I never understood why some restaurants prefer that their waiters memorize your order rather than write it down. Choosing to write or not write down my order or not doesn’t affect your tip. However, if you didn’t remember my request to hold the tomatoes, you will probably enjoy your tip just as much as I enjoyed my sandwich. Then again, with the service I’m used to, I will probably tip you handsomely for not ignoring me when I wildly wave my hands at you.

It feels like every time you tell a waiter you need a couple more minutes they disappear forever. You could throw bread sticks right at them and they still won’t glance in your direction. Perhaps fastfood restaurants are onto something by making you stand in line for your food. That being said, the fastfood restaurants I frequent are also popular with people who are not familiar…

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