Canadian-made armband aspires to change how we interact with computers

Global News

KITCHENER, Ont. – When Tom Cruise introduced the concept of gesture-control technology to audiences more than a decade ago in the film Minority Report, the idea of operating computers by waving your hand through the air seemed like Hollywood fantasy.

But Kitchener, Ont.,-based Thalmic Labs has bridged the gap between science-fiction and reality with the Myo, an armband that let users control their laptop, phone and television with simple hand and wrist movements.

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Next month, the Myo makes its debut on the retail market under a distribution pact with Amazon. Its creators say their device has the potential to shake up how we use our computers.

“It was never really intended as a replacement for the computer mouse,” said Stephen Lake, co-founder of the Thalmic Labs, in a recent interview.

“It’s more for how…

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