Intre cer si pamant

Suntem noi oamenii,

Intre mne si tine

Stau insirate cuvintele,

Amestecandu-se neincetat.

Incerc sa-ti transmit sentimente…

In cuvinte potrivite…

Dar nu reusesc

Caci neincetat se amesteca

Cuvintele ce stau insirate

Intre noi doi.



Between Sky and Earth,

We are people,

Between me and you

Words stay string out,

Combining ceaselessly.

I am trying to send you feelings…

In the right words..

But I dont succeed

Cause ceaselessly combine

The words that stay string out

Between us two.


Is Ana Blandiana right?

Ana Blandiana – We should be born old
“We should be born old,
To come wise,
To be able to decide our fate in the world,
To know from the primary crossroad what roads start
and irresponsible to be just the longing to go.
Then to make ourselves younger, younger, going,
Mature and powerful we should come to the gate of creation,
Passing trough it and in love falling as teenagers,
To be children at the birth of our children.
However they would then be older than us,
They would learn us to speak, they would swing us to sleep,
We will disappear more and more, becoming smaller,
As the grain of grape, as the grain of pea, as the grain of wheat …”