Klinghardt Academy Recipe for Electromagnetic Radiation Remediation


Klinghardt Academy Recipe for EMF Remediation
Electromagnetic Radiation (Electrosmog) Protocols and Products

Dr. Klinghardt recommends all to learn about the effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies to your health, and
use remediation strategies when possible. These are essential to incorporate into your daily life to reduce
the effect of Radiation & harmful frequencies on your body, for healing sleep & your office environment!
Listen to Dr. Klinghardtsˇ¦ EMR lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PktaaxPl7RI
Here are some simple solutions to start:
1. Turn off Electric at night:
Remote circuit breaker switches
Daytime, Use Electrical Outlet Stetzer Filters available at Klinghardt Academy
2. No cordless Phones, No wireless in the House (use broadband and land lines)
3. Grounding: Earthing Mats and Bedpads: excellent for ˇ§healing sleepˇ¨
DVD included with purchase by Dr. Klinghardt: Healing Risk with Exposure to electromagnetic Fields
Special price at Klinghardt Academy : info@klinghardtacademy.com
4. Sleep Protection: Call us for personal help and suggestions
„h Body Harmonizing computer k.Dwell sticks and cell phone chips:
o Wall Shielding: Paint (must ground the paint )
o Personal Home Testing Meters & Equipment:
o ˇ§Newˇ¨ Protective Clothing, Safe to wear on the skin
o Shielding Canopies, Curtains, Fabrics, Blankets
o Cranial Stimulation System is a good option for resetting the brain when used
20 min. mid-AM & PM. It helps to undo what EMFs are doing to the brain for neuro issues,
sleep help and mental fog.Available from Discovery Health Solutions/Klinghardt Academy.
5. Device Safety and EMR Remediaton: Best to Keep your cell phone off when not in use.
The k.Dwell products harmonize the frequencies into a healing treatment!
Cell Phone Use: k.DWELL Chips Smart Phones, and all mobile phones types.
Computer Harmonization: k.DWELL -USB Sticks and Pendants
Klinghardt Academyˇ¦s product at: Discovery Health Solutions:
Trusted Source for the most effective EMR Products & Protocols
debbieafloyd@gmail.com 908-899-1650
LLC 2013 EMR Catalog Pricing
1] Advanced EMF / RF Detection Kit $675.00
Allows a typical home owner or practitioner to conduct a thorough EMR
home assessment, identify sources and measure precise exposure levels.
Sources Identified: cordless phones, Wi-Fi systems, wireless LAN, cell
phone towers, power lines, electrical installations and appliances, baby
monitors and alarms, microwave ovens, cell phones, Smart Meters etc.
Contains the following 2 meters: Made in Germany
1] Gigahertz Solutions -ME3830B AC Electric & AC GaussmeterCovers Low Freq. 16 Hz ˇV100,000 Hz)
2] Gigahertz Solutions Radio Frequency ˇ§RFˇ¨ Meter ˇV HF35C for High Frequency (800 MHz ˇV 2.5 GHz)
2] Body Voltage Home Kit $169.00
Easy to Use Body Voltage Home Test Kit – Compatible with Bau-Biologie /
Building Biology Measurement Guidelines. This test kit will indicate the level
of AC voltage on the human body from live electrical wires in the surroundings.
Sources Identified: house hold power lines, electrical installations appliances
, etc… Made in Germany Covers: Low-frequency AC electric fields 60 Hz
3) Graham Stetzer Filters: $35.00 ea. or $ 700.00/ box of 20 complete house
Microsurge Meter: $125.00 used to see which outlets need a filter
Helps combat the negative effects of electrical pollution and can alleviate some symptoms of fatigue,
depression, insomnia, headaches, body aches and memory loss. Research indicates there has been
substantial improvement in the quality of life f those people who are sensitive to excessive levels of electrical
current. Recommended for the average home to install 20 filters. Just plug the filters
directly into outlet or power strip after testing with the Microsurge Meter. This meter is
designed to measure only the high frequency noise. The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug the
meter into an outlet. Then add Graham-Stetzer Filters to the same outlet and nearby outlets and watch
the reading decrease.
Mitigation Solutions
4.) RF Shielding ˇ§Bed Canopiesˇ¨
Available in King, Queen, Double and Single Sizes: Call us for recommendations.
Swiss Shield Daylite Canopy From $884.00
Hand Made Canopy with Effective Protection Against Radio Frequency and
Microwave Radiation. Our Lightest and Most Breathable Fabric
5.) RF Shielding Fabrics
Swiss Shield Daylite $24.95 Per Linear Foot (width 260 cm or 102 inches)
Decorative Mesh Fabric – Radio Frequency / Microwave Shielding
Effectiveness 99.6% or 24 dB at (1000 MHz / 1 GHz) and 97% at (3000 MHz / 3 GHz)
Naturell Fabric: $35.95 per linear Foot 100% cotton (Width= 250 cm or 98.4 inches)
Effective up to (10,000 MHz / 10 GHz)
6.) EMF Shielding Paint
I Liter ˇV $79.00 5 Liters- $340.00
YSHIELD shielding paints are electro-conductive coatings for
the protection of large areas from electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
They off er the best shielding qualities for protection against high frequency(HF) radiation and (or) against lowfrequency
(LF) electricfields. For living areas and covered with your choice of paint.
„h Coverage: Interior: 1 Litre 7.5 sq. Meters (81 sq. Feet); Exterior: 1 Litre 5.0 sq. Meters (54 sq. Feet)
ˇ§NEWˇ¨ Harmonization for EMR in your home and for electronics!
6.) Cell Phone Harmonizer: K.Dwell – CHIPS $ 75.00
Consists of a thin carrier film containing powerful mineral substances. This is covered by a laminated
film which provides additional protection to the k.Dwell- Chip. The minerals collect free flowing
energy from the radiation waves, convert it and then transfer it to the body, resulting in a measurable
upsurge in our meridianˇ¦s natural energy levels. Using Autonomic Response Testing, a
kinesiology-based testing method, it has been shown that the k.Dwell Chip helps raise vital energy levels and release energy
blockages to harmonize energy flow. How to use the Chip
Simply place the ˇ§blue coloredˇ¨ side of the Chip facedown onto the battery in your device and replace the phoneˇ¦s battery cover, or use sticky tape
to attach the k.Dwell Chip onto the outside case of your device.
7.) Computer Harmonizer:K.Dwell-Stick: $150.00
Designed by Klinghardt Academy to counteract the negative effects of electroˇVsmog
The positive effects of using a k.Dwell-Stick include the strengthening of your power of
concentration and performance, and an improved regeneration of our body.
E-smog exists as a result of electromagnetic fields and radio waves such as those emitted by computers, wireless routers and
wireless phones. The k.Dwell works as a filter against man-made electro-magnetic fields and radio waves and can be comparable
to a ˇ§noise filterˇ¦ that helps prevent traffic noise. How to use the Stick
Simply plug the k.DwellˇV stick into the USB port of your computer or Mac. Nothing else is required; however you may use your
stick for data storage, and we have found it helpful for our patients as a protective pendant.
8.) Cranial Stimulation System is a good option for resetting the brain when used 20 min. mid-AM &
PM. Clipped on the ear. It helps to undo what EMFs are doing to the brain for neuro issues, sleep help and mental
fog, Recommended for Autism support . $349.00
5.) Earthing Bed Pad Set: and DVD Klinghardt Edition: special $199.00
Recommended by Dr. Klinghardt for healing sleep! Organic Cotton Earthing Bed Pad Half Sheet, Universal Earthing
Mat, Outlet checker, Continunity Tester, Spliter Block, Ground Rod w/40 ft. grounding cord, Earthing book.
DVD included in set by Dr. Klinghardt : Health Risks with Exposure to EMR Fields
http://www.Klinghardtacademy.com info@klinghardtacademy.com 908-899-1650
Grounding plate kit for shielding paints
For exterior applications #1172
$49.00 each
We recommend one or two ESA grounding kits for each continuous connected
exterior surface
Kit Contains:
„h Metal (aluminum) plate 80 x 80 x 3 mm with special conductive fleece backing
„h Waterproof box
„h Special glue for gluing to the underground
„h 4 Screws & 4 dowels / wall plugs @ 6 mm
„h 20 cm grounding cable 16 mm2 with cable lugs and waterproof shrink tubing
„h Grounding Instructions
Grounding plate kit for shielding paints, nettings, fleeces,etc.
For interior use #1076
$49.00 each
One grounding kit is required for each continuous connected surface, or
one per room.
Kit Contains:
„h Metal (Aluminum) plate 80 x 80 x 3 mm with conductive fleece backing
„h 3 grounding sockets
„h 4 cable straps
„h 4 Screws, 4 dowels / wall plugs @ 6 mm
„h 1 m grounding cable @ 2.5 mm2 pre-assembled
„h Grounding Installation Instructions
Self-adhesive, conductive fleece grounding tape for use under
shielding paints.
$34.00 each
Self-adhesive, conductive fleece grounding tape for under
shielding paints, to bridge cracks and to join adjacent surfaces.
meter (32.8 feet) Superior adhesive force 10 N/cm. With electrically non-conductive glue
Signal Protect – Clear Film
Virtually Clear Radio Frequency Signal Protect Window Film – Transparent RF
window shielding / glass shielding to block a wide range of radio frequency
and microwave radiation
$38.00 Per Linear (4 ft. width) or $47.50per Linear Foot (5 ft width)
Both widths are cut in 4 ft. lengths only.
RF Shielding Mesh
Basic Interior and Exterior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection – Aluminum RF Shielding
Mesh – Sold in 100 foot rolls, in 3 ft., 4 ft. and 5 ft. widths.
$252.00 Each
Demand Switch
An Important Part of Creating your own Sleep Sanctuary – Automatic Protection AC Electric
Fields Including Dirty Electricity
$270.00 Each
Remote Cut Off Switch
Turns On and Turns Off Specific Circuits with the Push of a Button. Protection Against AC
Electric Fields Including Dirty Electricity as well as Many OtherPractical Applications
$395.00 Each
Antenna Extension Cable 5
Meter / 16 foot Antenna Extension Cable to increase the range of the Remote Cut Off Switch
$95.00 Each
Circuit Monitoring Light
Monitoring Light to display status of circuit controlled by a Demand Switch
$9.00 Each
Constant Load Resistor
Assists the Demand Switch in Responding to Particular Electronic Devicesor Appliances
$2.49 Each
Contactor – 4 Circuit, 24 amp
The 24 Amp, 4 Circuit Contactor allows the Remote Cut Off Switch to controlup to 4 branch
$175.00 Each
Contactor – 4 Circuit, 40 amp
The 40 Amp, 4 Circuit Contactor allows the Remote Cut Off Switch to control up to4 branch
$199.00 Each
Demand Switch Mounting Rail
DIN Mounting Rail for Installation of the Demand Switch, Remote Cut Off
Switch and Contactor – 6 inch
$8.99 EachTransmitter
Additional transmitter for the Remote Cut Off
Switch Version A or Version B
$69.00 Each
Orders: 908-899-1650 info@klinghardtacademy.com


News & Events Klinghardt Academy


  News & Events
  Klinghardt Academy

Join us in December…the most wonderful time of the year for


Applied Psycho Neurobiology

December 6-8       1 pm start

Redmond Hyatt House

with Dietrich Klinghardt MD., PhD


come early to prepare with our 1/2 day


APN Supportive Protocols Workshop

December 6:  Friday  9am – 12 noon.

with Andreanna Rainville, RN



Autonomic Response Testing Level 2

January 11-12, 2014   WEST   Kenmore WA

Space is filling, so register soon to secure your spot. 

Discounts apply for those who are attending for a 2nd time or for current students.


Jan. 18-19, 2014: EAST
Somerset Hills Hotel, Warren, NJ
with Dr. Marc Schwartz
workshop content

Fee: $650  

tudent discounts with current ID


If you are new to the work of Dr. Klinghardt…
or want to update your knowledge, 
this is the workshop to attend.


 Last months’ West Coast Protocol Course was well attended and videotaped.

 Those who could not attend, 

please order your DVD from the Academy.  $400.00

  • Detox: “Safely Navigating to Wellness”  Dr. Michele Grindstaff
  • Dental: “Systemic Dentistry” Mercury Removal   Dr. Alireza Panahpour
  • Autism, “What’s Really Working”  Dr. Amy Derksen
  • “What’s Bugging You”, Lyme and Other Infections,   Andreanna Rainville, RN
  • EMF: “Creating Safety in a Hostile Environment”  Dr. Katie Dahlgren
  • Methylation: “Individualized DNA Mapping”  Dr. Christine Schaffner
  • Lunch presentations sponsored by Alfa Thermodiagnostics
    , BioBotanical Research & Key Pharmacy.
     Thank you exhibitors: also present were
  •  Bemer Microcirculation and Biopure Healing Products 
  • & introducing


This yearly East and West Coast workshop is open to all searching for the latest tools and  practical protocols for the most complex cases of chronic illness, Lyme disease, Autism, and other inflammatory conditions. We will take you step by step through the most advanced techniques featuring:

  • Strategies for Detoxification, 
  • What treatments are really working for Autism,
  • Biological Treatment of Infections and Pathogens
  • Remediation of Electromagnetic Frequencies: cell phones, computers and smart meters
  • Live demonstrations of Autonomic Response Testing
  •  How to Activate MMS, the Klinghardt Lyme cocktail, 
  • Neural Therapy Demo
  • NEW Parasite Protocol including the “ROPE WORM” treatment
  • Tutorial on Radiation Meters for home and office


This workshop gives practical tools for immediately application. If you have not joined us previously, this is the class to attend.  There are no pre-requesites. Student  discounts apply with valid ID.  A must for all who intend to certify with us. contactinfo@klinghardtacademy to register 908-899-1650.


                 Level 2 Participants in Horsham, PA, Nov. 2013
Level 2:
January 11-12, 2014:   WEST  Kenmore WA

Level 3:  EAST   New York City

           March 6, 2014 Refresher Level 1 & 2 Workshop. 10-5pm

                           Holiday Inn Midtown, with Dr. Marc Schwartz

           March 7-9, 2014    Level 3

                            Sheraton Times Square, New York City, NY

                              with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt


Level 1: 
     April 5-6, 2014:          EAST Jennkintown, PA 
     April 12-13, 2014:      WEST Kenmore, WA 


To Register:  contact debbieafloyd@gmail.com
Fax the registration form to 908-542-0961
Call the Klinghardt Academy  908-899-1650
Autonomic Response Testing:  
watch below as Dr. Klinghardt describes his journey developing Autonomic Response Testing and 

elegantly describes the difference he experiences assessing patients with this technique, versus other forms of Nutrition Kinesiology or Classic forms of Kinesiology.
Autonomic Response Testing  vs Classic Kinesiology
Autonomic Response Testing vs Classic Kinesiology


Autonomic Response Testing 
Schedule of Workshops
 This is what you’ve been waiting to learn!
What People Are Saying About Klinghardt Events
What People Are Saying About Klinghardt Events


What is Autonomic Response Testing?
 NEW Workshops in
Autonomic Response. 
Classes fill quickly.


January 18-19, 2014
Somerset Hills Hotel
Warren, NJ  07059


This workshop is open to all who desire to learn and quickly incorporate practical protocols for the most complex cases of chronic illness, Lyme disease, Autism, and other inflammatory conditions. We will take you step by step through the most advanced techniques with strategies for Detoxification and Remediation of Electromagnetic Frequencies used by Dr. Klinghardt and team, with live demonstrations of Autonomic Response Testing, How to make the Lyme cocktail; How to Activate MMS; Neural Therapy Demo; the NEW Parasite Protocol; Cancer Supportive strategies, Individual Nutritional Tips guidance, Tutorial on Radiation Meters and use in your home and office, with practical applications for immediate use with your patients. If you have not joined us previously, this is the class to attend.  See details below. A must for certified practitioner.


No pre-requesite required and Can be taken between any level of Autonomic Response.


registration form         




 Klinghardt Academy Products

Dr. Marc Schwartz & 
asst. Lisa Thomassen
New Klinghardt Protocols: EAST
January 18-19, 2014
Warren, NJ


Level 1: EAST
April 5-6, 2014
Jenkintown, PA
Dr. Marc Schwartz
Level 2: EAST
May 30 – June 1, 2014
Horsham, PA
Dr. Marc Schwartz

Level 1: WEST 

April 12-13, 2014

Kenmore, WA

Dr. Amy Derksen &

 Andreanna Rainville, RN

Amy Derksen ND & Andreanna Rainville RN
Level 2: WEST

 August 23-24, 2014
Kenmore, WA
Amy Derksen, ND
Andreanna Rainville, RN, LMP
or contact Debbie Floyd
for future workshop info.
Comments from Recent Attendees:


Informative, very objective information, presented in a systematic way, with basics to build knowledge and understanding, A “think tank “atmosphere, instructor was excellent, knowledgeable, patient, thorough and a good teacher, well organized, after preparing with the DVD the seminar helps cement the info., I leave owning it and confident I can use what I have learned. 



Contact the Academy to register or visit www.klinghardtacademy.com
for details! 
We welcome those wanting to know more about Autonomic Response Testing to order the Fundamental Teaching of Dietrich Klinghardt DVD, and call the academy to register for the next workshops! 
We hope to see you at one of our exciting events
Thank You Friends
EVENTS with Dr. Klinghardt
 Save the dates for Dr. Klinghardts’ next seminars.The website will have updated details as we get closer to each event.


Applied Psycho Neurobiology 2013

December 2013.

Hyatt Regency Bellevue,

 Bellevue, WA 98004

registration form


Autonomic Response Testing Level 3

March 7-9, 2014   Level 3

Sheraton Times Square, NY, NY


March 6, 2014  Refresher Level 1 & 2

Holiday Inn Midtown

New York City, NY  10036

registration form


Looking Beyond Lyme: Biomedicine 2014

May 2-4, 2014   Hyatt Regency, Bellevue, WA

registration form


Registration by fax or phone only.

908-899-1650 ph      fax 908-542-0961


The Klinghardt Academy is pleased to congratulate our 
Certified Practitioners who have passed our basic written and practical exam for Autonomic Response Testing over the past two years. In 2014 we will offer advanced certification for those proficient in the Protocols and Remedies associated with Dr. Klinghardt’s work.  Required would be attendance at one of our Protocol Workshops, Injection and/or Biological Medicine workshops prior to applying for the test, along with yearly attendance to keep up with the latest clinical finding and protocols.  Please contact the Academy office for more information on certification. We are very honored that many have come to learn with us, and wish you continued success in your practice.
Dr. Klinghardt and Academy Team


September Practitioner Retreat

was amazing…
25 practitioners from as far as the USSR, Australia, the UK, NYC, NC, GA, Canada, NJ, CA, OR, NV, NM, WA and Team Klinghardt spent 6 days  together learning, relaxing, giving & receiving treatments. Join us next year, September 22-27 on Whidbey Island, WA.
Lady Alderbrook
Cruise on the Lady Alderbrook


Daily Walks

Lisa Thomassen and Dr. Arrondo
Lisa Thomassen &
 Dr. Arrondo

Lecture time

Denise Hetrick
View from Harmony Hills


Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Gisler
Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Marc Schwartz &
 Dr. Melanie Gisler
Dr. Fogel & Lisa Baas, LAc
Dr. Sylvia Fogel & 
Lisa Baas L.Ac
Dr. Belesheva & Dr. Demchenko
Dr. Belesheva &
 Dr. Demchenko

Treatment Time

Dr. Hirt
Michael Hirt, MD
Team Sophia
Dr. Schaffner and new Sophia Practitioners

Finding hidden root causes to illness.
Dr. Schwartz & Dr. Ou
 Captain Roger & Debbie
Capt. Roger and Debbie
Join us at a retreat ..they are all amazing.
Small group teachings & Personal treatments.

 Relaxation, Breathing exercises, Yoga,          Time to refresh in the majestic

Reserve your spot for next year.
September 22-27, 2014

Watch Dr. Klinghardt’s new interview

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - Smart Meters & EMR - The Health Crisis Of Our Time
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Smart Meters & EMR – The Health Crisis Of Our Time
Dr. Klinghardts’ Recipe for EMR
 Self Help Tools


Supportive protocols and products used by
Dr. Klinghardt  at his clinic and featured at our upcoming events.
Introducing our New Test Kits
see product catalog for pricing
Klinghardt Protocol Kit for Autonomic Response
over 100 vials with all the basic products used by our certified practitioners for assessments and individualized protocol design. Available by special order or at our Protocol Workshops.
practical assessment tool for practitioners
contains the toxins, metals and clearing remedies for use with the LED photon pulser.  Instructional DVD, manual, signal enhancers and LED set.  Accompanies our Energetic Detox Workshop, schedule coming soon.
Recommended by Dr. Klinghardt
 to patients for oral care


   Products for EMR  sensitivity

featuring the newly developed
Computer Harmonizer
k.Dwell Stick  
Cell Phone Harmonizer
K.Dwell Chip  
Available Exclusively
 for Klinghardt Academy
must call or fax for ordering
Austin Air Purifier
Providing pure air and a clean environment for clinic and home.  
For allergies, asthma, chemical and mold sensitivities. 
We love the quality and ease of use. The Filter lasts for 5 years


Clean Air  
$649.00  free shipping
$539.00  free shipping
Basic model for chemicals and allergens
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field devices

are important self help tools for our patients.
Dr. Klinghardt has evaluated the BEMER and IMRS, proving faster recovery and healing for patients with improved treatment outcomes. Of great value for  clinical treatments and for home use.  Each has unique features to warrent a special place in our clinic and spa. Many patients are  experiencing improvements with lowering inflamation and protocol uptake with more rapid recovery when they also use a PEMF system at home.   We will show these at our upcoming seminars.Check out the features below.
Good for those with severe chronic lyme conditions that need a mild and easy detox. 
Light and Sound therapy accompany the circulation  benefits.

Excellent for Children and for those with severe lyme sensitivities and sleep problems.
A gentle System


 Great for detox use after the Sunlighten Sauna
 and ion cleasnse foot bath.
Microcirculation Pad
The professional model for the busy clinic with multiple attachments for dual usage. Can move a patient along rapidly and at home the the basic model benefits for circulation, detox, mental concentration, and recovery with imporved energy throught the day.  A stronger system.
Used in Dr. Klinghardt’s clinic for improving blood flow,  pain reduction,  wound healing and recovery for Athletes.
 Ion Foot Bath
Detoxification System 
IonCleanse?? Promotional Video
 Far Infrared Sauna 
  Sunlighten Sauna
With clinically-backed infrared heaters,

aid in detoxification, blood pressure reduction, weight loss, pain relief and skin purification. 


Nano VI by Eng3 
Counteracting Oxidative Stress 
  NanoVi eng3
Bio-Identical Signaling technology
 FDA Registered for
Klinghardt Discounts available
use code: DK1204 to receive discounts 
NanoVI  Reg. Price $4,900  our price: $4,6950
VanoVi PRO Reg. Price $ 7885.00 our price: $7885.00 
Tesla Lights

Tesla DemoChakra Balancing
 polarity light system.
 Plasma for Higher Frequencies 
Yin & Yang.
                           TESLA Energy Lights
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt reports Tesla Energy Lights observations
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt reports Tesla Energy Lights observations




comes with
DVD by Dr. Klinghardt
“Health Risks with Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields”
Universal earthing Mat
Outlet checker
Continuity Tester
Ground Rod
40 Ft. cord
Earthing Book 
event price $199.00
reg.  $349.00 
save $150.00
call or fax in order please 
Contact information:  Product orders/Event Registration 
Debbie Floyd, Director

Klinghardt Academy  
2 Orchard Way, Warren, NJ  07059 

908-899-1650  phone          908-542-0961  fax

For appointments with Dr.Klinghardts’ Medical Clinic 

Sophia Health Institute, Woodinville, WA  
Be well~